We seek investments with the following characteristics

  • Differentiated products or services

  • Mission critical components with high barriers to entry, often at low relative cost

  • Solutions that address the changing distribution landscape amid emerging internet disruption

  • Leading or emerging players in niche or underserved markets with opportunities for outsized growth

  • Family-owned partners seeking professionalization and investment for accelerated growth

  • Platforms for industry consolidation through inorganic growth and businesses ripe for consolidation

  • Selective cyclical businesses with maintenance, repair and replace dynamics to mitigate downside

  • Carve-out of non-core assets from diversified industrial businesses


Across all investment opportunities GHK Capital seeks multiple avenues for growth and operational improvement with a clearly articulated strategy for what initiatives we will pursue to generate investment returns.  Target sectors are outlined below.

  • Manufacturing

  • Distribution and logistics

  • Building products and services

  • Business services

  • Testing and inspection

  • Automotive
  • Business services

  • General industrials